Knowledge is power. We firmly believe that if you have the knowledge, you can accomplish anything.

With a holistic approach as a single source-consulting firm, we have combined legal, accounting, engineering and logistic expertise. Because of a strategic alliance of independent firms, we can draw upon numerous highly specialized personnel whose focus is your needs.

Our team combines information required by each state, providing detailed explanations, utility analysis, along with the required documentation to substantiate all refunds and exemptions that we request. We do an audit sampling of purchase orders to see exactly what is and is not being taxed, and request refunds once approved by you, from the states or vendors where taxes need not have been paid.

In every business there are opportunities for tax and utility cost improvement, they just may not have been known or clearly interpreted. The information generated as a result of our advisory services may hold the key to a profitable new approach or system upgrade that you had not previously considered. We can obtain refunds and implement utility cost savings to the maximum extent of the laws, according to state regulation.

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Examples of Our Services

Utility Invoice Reviews

Sales and Use Tax Refunds

Utility Tax Refunds

Ensure Tax Refund Maximization

Utility Sales Tax Exemptions

Ensure Current Exemptions

Maintain State Sales Tax Compliance

Account Payables Tax Review

Update of Production Equipment

Rate Contract Negotiation